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The Good Health Times Newsletter

The Good Health Times is a monthly newsletter providing accessible, user-friendly information to employees about their and their families’ health.

The newsletter helps increase awareness of health risk factors, support change in unhealthy behaviours and offer ongoing support to sustain healthy lifestyles.

Through helping generate greater awareness and a more positive attitude towards health among their teams, employers benefit from increased workplace productivity, savings on health care expenditure and an overall boost in company morale. In healthcare, better awareness leads to better choices and better choices lead to better results.

The Good Health Times is written by Dr. Mark Rowe, GP for the past 25 years, respected author on health and happiness, keynote speaker and leading advocate for Health and Wellbeing Wisdom in Ireland and abroad. For further information you can visit Dr. Mark Rowe’s website at www.doctormarkrowe.com and with his kind permission we have the latest newsletters beneath:



Dr. Mark also has a series of Meditation podcasts available for download on http://doctormarkrowe.com/podcast-downloads/