General Practice Medical Services Available in Athboy Family Practice

Athboy Family Practice provides a full range of medical services. In addition to providing treatment for specific and acute illnesses, we offer advice and screening for many medical conditions and provide management of many chronic diseases. Further information on specific General Practice services can be found below:

Women’s Health

Well Woman Health Check:

Athboy Family Practice provides a full range of Women’s Health Checks and can be arranged with either of our female doctors or practice nurse if required.

Cervical Smear testing:

Athboy Family Practice is a participating surgery in the National Cervical Screening Programme.  All our doctors and practice nurses are registered cervical smear takers with Cervicalcheck. Patients are advised however that they must have an “invitation letter” from the screening programme before they can attend Athboy Family Practice for their smear test.  Please go to http://www.cervicalcheck.ie/ or contact 1800 45 45 55 for more information and to register for your free cervical smear.

Combined Ante Natal Care:

Athboy Family Practice is a member of the H.S.E. Mother and Child scheme which provides free ante natal checks to expecting mothers, 2 week baby check and 6 weeks checks for mother and baby.

Vaccination Clinics:

Baby Vaccination

The Practice Nurses provide the full standard infant vaccination programme which includes 2, 4, 6, 12, 13 month vaccinations and Pre-School boosters as per HSEschedule. All infant vaccinations are provided free of charge to the patient. BCG vaccinations are provided by community services and not available within the practice.


Full range of contraceptive options including the  Mirena Coil. Appointments can be arranged with our female doctors or practice nurse to discuss the best option for each individual patient.

Men’s Health

Athboy Family Practice provide health checks for men of all ages tailored towards the individual needs.

Cardiovascular (Heart)


Electrical tracing of the heart to assist diagnosis of heart conditions.

Heartwatch Clinics:

The Heartwatch Clinic is run by our Practice Nurse specialists and monitors patients who have been diagnosed with heart disease.

Diabetes watch Clinics:

The Diabetes watch Clinic is run by our Practice Nurse specialists and monitors patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Other Screening available includes Cholesterol, Prostate Enzyme Monitoring and Diabetes Screening.

Travel Vaccination

Athboy Family Practice is a licensed Yellow Fever Centre and Dr. Anthony Ryan is a registered member of the Irish Travel Medicine Association. Travel vaccinations available (held on site) include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio. Contact the Practice Nurses to discuss vaccination requirements who will arrange a GP consultation for vaccinations/Malarial cover required.

Additional Nursing Services:

Influenza /Pneumococcal  Vaccinations

Sutures Removal.

Surgical Dressings.

Blood Pressure checks.

Prescribed Injections.

Ear Lavage.


PRICE LIST From 1st September 2022

GP Consultation                     €60.00

Menopause Consultation      €120.00 (30 minutes)

Driver’s Licence Medical        €60.00

Nurse Consultation                €40.00

Ear Syringing                          €50.00

ECG                                         €40.00            

Blood Pressure Monitor        €60.00

Bloods                                     €40.00

Bloods Medical Card/DVC     €15.00

Prescriptions                          €20.00

Private Smear Test                 €65.00   (Plus Laboratory Charge – €100.00)        

Sick Certificates                     €10.00

Mirena Coil Fitting                 €180.00

STI Screen                               €70.00



Making a Complaint:

At Athboy Family Practice, we want to give you the best possible care and treatment, but there may be times when you may think we could do better. Sometimes you may even want to tell us about something we have done well. Click here to read more >>