Useful Forms

We have provided a selection of useful forms for you to download.

European Health Insurance Card Application Form – E111/EHIC
(European-Health-Insurance-Card-Application.pdf – 22kb)

Medical Card and GP Visit Card Application Form
(Medical Card and GP Visit Card Application Form.pdf – 116kb)

Maternity Benefit Application Form MB10
(Application-Form-Maternity-Benefit-MB-10.pdf – 172kb)

Claim form for Carers Benefit – CARB1
(Application-Form-Carers-Benefit-CARB1.pdf – 150kb)

Claim form for Disability Allowance – DA1
(Application-Form-Disability-Allowance-DA1.pdf – 162kb)

Health Expenses Relief Claim Form – MED1
(Health-Expenses-Relief-Claim-Form-Med1.pdf – 93kb)

Medical Report D501 Form
(Drivers-Medical-Form-D-501.pdf – 68kb)

Eyesight Report D502 Form
(Drivers-Eyesight-Report-Form-D-502.pdf – 12kb)