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COVID-19 Tips for making your own facemask at home

Tips for making your own facemask from cloth:

1. Pick a thicker fabric – Hold up to bright light and if you can see the light outlining the individual fibres in the fabric it is probably not going to make a great filter. It goes without saying that if you hold the fabric up to a bright light and you cannot see the individual fibres then this will make a better filter. The best materials for homemade masks are heavyweight cottons with a thread count of 180 or more.

2. If you are layering fabric you should check that you can breathe through it without much effort.

3. Children under 2 years of age should not wear a mask. The same applies to those with breathing difficulties (Asthma) or any elderly who may not be able to remove the mask themselves.

4. Masks require frequent washing at the highest temperature in your washing machine.

5. When removing, do not remove by the mouth section. Instead remove using the bands behind your ears and place into washing machine. Remember to wash your hands immediately after.

The best guides for making a mask at home in the form of tutorial videos can be found on YouTube or Instagram. Some good examples of three options are presented beneath from bbc.com