Information For Patients



Athboy Family Practice is a licensed Yellow Fever Centre and Dr Anthony Ryan is a registered member of the Irish Travel Medicine Association. Travel vaccinations available (held on site) include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio. Every patient travelling needs an individual consultation, taking personal medical history, trip destination, duration of trip and reasons for travelling into consideration.

Email or call with details of your planned trip and we will arrange a GP consultation for the appropriate vaccinations and Malarial cover required.





HEPATITIS A – This disease is spread by contaminated water or food, wherever there’s poor sanitation. One vaccine followed by a booster 6 -12 months later can provide 10 year protection.


TYPHOID – Again high risk in areas of poor sanitation. The disease is spread mainly through contaminated food but also through infected water. One vaccine provides 3 year protection.


TETANUS/DIPHTHERIA – Tetanus exists all over the world and protection should be kept up to date. Tetanus is contracted when spores in the soil enter the body through cuts and scratches. A tetanus and diphtheria combined vaccine is recommended by the Department of Health.


HEPATITIS B – Hepatitis is a highly infectious virus, transmitted sexually or blood contamination. Vaccine is recommended for those people whose lifestyle may put them at risk, those who may require medical or dental treatment or health care workers. The vaccine is given over a six month period although an acculatored course can be used.


RABIES – Rabies is a viral disease transmitted by the LICK, BITE or SCRATCH of any infected warm blooded animal. The disease occurs through out the world and is a special high risk for travellers to Africa, India and Asia who plan to trek. Vaccination involves 3 injections over a month, which provides 2-3 year protection.


POLIO – Although polio has almost been wiped out, it is still a risk in some developing countries; travellers should have a booster vaccination every 10 years.


YELLOW FEVER – This disease in transmitted via infected mosquitoes. In some areas of the world you have to carry an International Certificate of Vaccination to gain entry into certain countries.


MALARIA – Malaria tablets may be necessary, please discuss with your Doctor. It is important to protect yourself against all mosquito and insect bites.




  • Use bottled water at all times including cleaning your teeth.
  • Foods, if you can’t BOIL IT, COOK IT or PEEL if then FORGET it!!
  • Ensure food is cooked properly and piping hot.
  • Avoid shellfish, salads, unpeeled fruit, or uncooked food.
  • Do not use ICE in your drinks as it will have been made with tap water.
  • Use appropriate sun block.
  • Avoid sun exposure from 11.00 am to 3.00pm.
  • Suggested first aid kit, personal medication, insect repellent, analgesia, sun block, thermometer, antihistamines, anti-diarrhoea, rehydration sachets, bandages, dressings & antiseptic swabs.
  • Reduce risk of in flight thrombosis by regular in flight exercise, keeping well hydrated, wearing loose clothing & properly fitting anti-thrombosis stockings.
  • Ensure passports, insurance documents & visas are in date.