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GP Visit Card Over 70s

From 5th August 2015 everyone aged 70 or over, ordinarily resident in Ireland, will be eligible for free GP care regardless of income. All people aged 70 or over who do not have a Medical Card or GP Visit card can register to access this service.

How do I register for this scheme?

Medical Card or GP Visit Card Holders do not have to register for this scheme. Non-Medical Card or GP Visit Card holders can register if aged 70 or over provided they are ordinarily resident in Ireland. Register online at gpvisitcard.ie or download the regisration form.

What does Ordinarily Resident mean?

Ordinarily resident means that you are living in Ireland and intend to live in Ireland for more than one year.

Will my spouse or my partner also get for a GP Visit Card?

If your spouse or partner is aged 70 or over, they can also register for a GP Visit Card online at www.gpvisitcard.ie, just click ‘add spouse or partner’ at Step 1, or use download the registration form.

If your spouse or partner is under 70, they will not automatically quality for eligibility under the GP Visit Card Over 70s scheme. However, dependents including spouses or partners who are under 70 will continue to have access to a GP service without fees where they meet the existing income limits.

What information do I need to register online?

– Your Public Personal Services (PPS) number – The name of your GP of choice – Your spouse or partner’s Public Personal Services (PPS) number (if applicable).

Where can I get details of my Personal Public Service (PPS) Number?

A Personal Public Service (PPS) number is issued by the Department of Social Protection. Your PPS number is used on social welfare payments and tax credits documents. If you do not have a PPS number, please contact the Client Identity Services, Department of Social Protection, at Lo Call 1890 927 999 or email [email protected]


I have registered online – what happens next?

Once you complete the registration process, details are sent to your GP of choice who must confirm that they have accepted you onto their patient panel. Once the GP of choice has

confirmed acceptance of your registration, a GP Visit Card will be issued to you within a few days. If your GP is not accepting registrations on-line, you will be informed by email. You must print the attachment to the email and bring it to your GP of choice and invite him/her to complete the GP Acceptance section.

Please return the completed form to: GP Visit Card – over 70s PO Box 12629 Dublin 11

How do I get help with the registration process?

Contact LoCall 1890 252 919 Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm. Rates charged for 1890 (LoCall) numbers may vary across different service providers.

Will Out-of-Hours Urgent GP care will be provided?

Yes, out of hours, urgent GP care service will be covered.

I have applied for a Medical Card already; do I need to apply for a GP Visit Card separately?

If you have already applied for a Medical Card and the assessment outcome is not to grant Medical Card eligibility, you will be granted GP Visit Card eligibility provided you are aged 70 or older and are ordinarily resident in Ireland.


Source: hse.ie