Information For Patients

Information for Patients about Medical Cards & Services available from HSE

General Medical Services (GMS)
People who are unable without undue hardship to arrange general practitioner medical and surgical services for themselves and their dependants may be granted a medical card and receive a free general medical service. Drugs, medicines and appliances supplied under the Scheme are provided through retail pharmacies. In most cases the Doctor gives a completed prescription form to a person, who takes it to any pharmacy that has an agreement with the Health Service Executive to dispense GMS prescription forms. In rural areas the Doctor may dispense for those persons who opt to have their medicines dispensed by him/her. All GMS claims are processed and paid by the Primary Care Reimbursement Service (PCRS)
General Practitioner Visit Card (GPVC)
Certain people in Ireland who do not qualify for a medical card may apply to the Health Service Executive for a GP Visit Card. GP Visit Cards allow individuals and families who qualify, to visit their General Practitioner for free. All GP claims are processed and paid by the PCRS
Drugs Payment Scheme (DPS)
Under the Drugs Payment Scheme persons who are ordinarily resident in the State and who do not have a current medical card can benefit. An individual or family has now to pay no more than the monthly threshold amount in a calendar month for approved drugs, medicines and appliances for themselves or their family. In order to benefit under this Scheme a person must register themselves and their dependants with their Local Health Office. Items currently reimbursable under the Drugs Payment Scheme are those listed in the GMS Code Book. Other items, which were reimbursable under the DCS and Refund of Drugs Schemes, continue, in certain circumstances, to be reimbursable under the Drugs Payment Scheme. DPS claims are processed and paid by the PCRS. Contact PCRS.

Medical Card and GP Visit Cards application forms available on: www.hse.ie

If you would like to find out more about PCRS you can contact them at the address below.
HSE, Finance Shared Services
Primary Care Reimbursement Service
Exit 5, M50
North Road
Dublin 11

Alternatively, please send an email to [email protected]

Telephone: 01 864 7100
Fax: 01 834 3589
Source: www.hse.ie