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Driving Licence

The Road Safety Authority has changed it’s Drivers Licensing requirements. If you are planning to attend for a drivers licence medical, please log on to www.rsa.ie to ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork required for your application.

When attending for your appointment please bring the following:

1. Form D401 or D402 ( depending on the classes of vehicle on your licence). You should complete these forms but do not sign them until you are with the doctor because the medical report must be completed by a registered medical practitioner and you must sign the declaration in his/her presence.
2. Medical Report Form D501 and Eyesight Report Form D502 for the doctor to complete on your behalf.
3. The glasses you wear when you drive, if applicable.
4. Your current driving licence.

Please note that charges apply to medical card holders for Medical Report/ Drivers licence form completion.